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nameHASEGAWA Yuichi: reductive woodblock printing

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Pondering Landscape
Waterfall 10

Pondering Landscape
Waterfall 11

Pondering Landscape
Waterfall 12


Two Paradise Evening Moon Moon at the Riverside  
Sound of Autumn Spring in the Snow


In the Still of the Night Moon Time Spring at the Riverside
Tale of Autumn No.1 Grasses under the Moon Moon Light 08

Summer Evening Ichimatsu
Blue River Coloring the Night Sky Sky of Hope - Sparkle to the Future At the End of Summer
Flowers of Hope Kibou no Oozora
Spring Evening 08 Flowers Brilliance Scenery 07-5 Story of Rainy Days
With Spring Sunlight Scenery in Blue Tale of the Rain  
Where the Wind Goes Flowers Brilliance Color of the Sky
Journal of Ocean Current 09-2
Journal of Ocean Current 09-1
Method 11 Night Sky







Under the Blue Stars
  Faint Spring
Stars of Northern Sea
Pampas Grass Momoyama Hibiki  

Shining Grove

Earth in Blue - A  
Intermingling Blue River

In the Sky

Journal of the Wind (06)
Light Rain on the River Castle of the Wind Shadow of the Moon
"V.S.O.P" (Very Special Old Prints)
Earth in Blue - 4 Grasses and Trees - Midnight Remaining Snow


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