Kenji NAGAI - 永井研治

b. 1947

NAGAI, Kenji (b.1947) recently retired from teaching full-time and can now devote himself to printing lithographs Unlike many lithographers of today who work on zinc or aluminum plates, Nagai insists on working on stone plates imported from Germany. He lives far away from Tokyo, and his works evoke a sensation of being enveloped in nature. In Nagais abstract prints, one has a feeling of wind blowing through the trees, displacing leaves and moving lines which don’t stay within the boundaries of the margins.
永井研治 1947年東京生まれ。武蔵野美術大学で油絵を専攻、次第にリトグラフ制作に引き込まれる。文化庁在外研修員としてオランダに滞在。ドイツの石版石を使用し、微細な描写を達成している。長年にわたり大学で指導し後進の育成に尽くす。

Kenji NAGAI - lithograph