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@@ODA Mayumi : silkscreen

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Amaterasu Susanoo no Mikoto
Sarasvati in the Octopus Garden
Spring White Tara
Kannon and Golden Dragon (red) Kannon and Golden Dragon
Kannon Who Grants Us
Wish Fulfilling Kannon
Wish Fulfilling Kannon
Dragon Head Kannon
Bread Mother
Upsala and Phoenix Upsala Offering Longevity
Guardian of the Sea, Mother Pearl Guardian of the Sea, Conch Blower Golden Coast (L) Golden Coast (R)
Ama no Uzume no Mikoto Cleopatra Yang Kuei Fei Helen of Troy Eva
Goddess Gave Names to All the Animals   Flowers for Honey
Green Gulch Golden Beet
Kanzenon and Dolphin Green Mother Kanzenon and Deer
  Heart Sutra with Taro  

Storyville I Storyville IV Storyville V

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