Clifton KARHU - クリフトン・カーフ

1927 - 2007

Clifton Karhu (1927-2007) was born in Duluth, Minnesota, but made Japan his home after initially traveling there to work as a Lutheran missionary. Inspired by the traditional architecture of the Kansai, Karhu learned woodblock printmaking and traditional brush painting and adopted the kimono as his everyday wear. During his lifetime he carved and printed more than 1500 images, most depicting the Kyoto and Kanazawa where he spent most of his life. His style can be characterized by a bold usage of strong colors, which he attributed to his study with the Synchromist artist Stanton MacDonald Wright.
クリフトン・カーフ 1927年米国ミネソタ州ダルース生まれ。米軍佐世保基地配属として初来日。一旦帰国、美術を勉強した後に宣教師として再来日し日本に定住。日本の文化をこよなく愛し、常に和装をとおした。木版画技術を習得し暮らしの拠点とした京都、金沢を主として各地の有名無名どころを木版画に残した。制作エディション数は1,500種を超える。30年以上も続いた年末のトールマン コレクションでの個展は(翌年、摺り増し依頼を受ける)恒例の新作発表展となっていた。また柱絵に似た形状の月めくり暦は今も人気を博している。

Clifton KARHU - woodblock