Décor! - canceled

Décor! - canceled

2021.05.30(Sun) - 2021.05.31 (Mon)

Dear Tokyo and other Japan-based clients,

During the past year or so with the assistance of our computer, The Tolman Collection has established an active range of business with clients all around the world. Having solved the various problems of shipping works, we have still managed to proceed rather nicely placing Japanese prints, many of which have been created exclusively for our gallery, into the hands of waiting collectors. However it has come to our attention that we are now doing more business abroad than in Tokyo. So we have realized that we need to make our activities better known to the local audience so that they, too, can enjoy the wonder of Japanese art.

We were overjoyed when we were asked to join The Tokyo American Club’s “Decor" art fair which would have afforded us ample space and attention for showing clients what we had to offer for sale. Then we were quite disappointed when “Decor" was postponed for one month, and latter postponed further until some time in September. We were worried that those members of TAC who will be returning to their home countries before that time might miss seeing the works that we had gathered to show them.

We want to inform clients that our gallery in Shiba Daimon is now open seven days every week from 11:00 until 18:00. Since we are able to stagger our workers hours so that there will always be someone to tend to our clients schedules; we are now available for appointments at 03 3434 1300 and be happy to show you pieces that you want to take away with you when you leave Japan and always remind you of your time spent here.

Please feel free to phone or email us for further details, we would not like to see our clients go away without the beautiful prints to remind them of their time in Japan.

Norman Tolman