Our tribute to Toko Shinoda


Our Toko Shinoda Since I first met her in the 1970s ,Toko Shinoda has occupied a great portion of my daily thoughts and influenced everything I know about being an art dealer. Her example of taking care of one’s own business and allowing others to tend to theirs was something that has stayed ....

Katsunori Hamanishi (b. 1949) biography - Mezzotint 浜西勝則 画歴 メゾチント


1949                    Born in Hokkaido, Japan 1973                    Graduated from Art Course of Tokai University, Japan 1974-87               Part-time lecturer at Arts Course of Tokai University 1986, 98 Visiting Ar ....

Ryohei Tanaka (1933 - 2019) Perfect etchings of scenic Japan 田中良平 画歴


Perfect etchings of scenic Japan in small size masterpieces.   1933 Born in Takatsuki City, Osaka  1963 Studied etching with Professor Furuno Yoshio 1966-2012 Annual exhibits with J ....

The Tolman Collection with Clifton Karhu - 画歴


Clifton Karhu (1927-2007) was born in Duluth, Minnesota, but made Japan his home after initially traveling there to work as a Lutheran missionary. Inspired by the traditional architecture of the Kansai, Karhu learned woodblock printmaking and traditional brush painting and adopted the kimono as h ....

Fudezuka Toshihisa biography - 画歴


1981 Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Painting), Musashino Fine Arts University, Tokyo 1983. Master of Fine Arts Degree (Printmaking), Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, Tokyo 1989-90 Government of Canada Award – Research Fellowship (Printmaking), University of Alberta, Canada 20 ....

A history of Toko Shinoda - 篠田桃紅の軌跡


English; 1913 Born in Dalian, Manchuria in March 1936 First one-woman exhibit of calligraphy at Kyukyodo Gallery, Tokyo 1945 Begins to produce abstract work branching away from conventional calligraphy 1947 Begins to produce abstract work Sumi ink instead of calligraphy 1 ....

Mr. Tolman’s favorite print of the month



A baker’s dozen of last-number masterpieces by Toko Shinoda


  A baker’s dozen of last-number masterpieces by Toko Shinoda Due to our long established work and continuing development, The Tolman Collection is famous and noted for all sorts of things - most of them good things; for example, we are famous for having the ....

Remembering Iwami Reika (1927-2020)


The Tolman Collection is now open.


Dear Tolman Collection followers, Today, for the first time this month we re-opened our usually popular gallery. We have been conducting business via email and have been pleased to have sold several rather expensive items to alert clients all around the globe. In addition, in a small tribute to T ....

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