2020 Karhu calendar


Calendar (2020): Cli ....

Mr. Tolman is very pleased that his interview with the Almaty news paper.


*It has been translated from Russian into English. Please have a look at it.

Norman Tolman: from Rockefeller to Kazakhstan



2019.09.25 2019.10.19 - 11. 28 Venue: Informel Nakagawamura Museum gallery talk: 11/3   1:30pm Contact: 0265-88-2680   世界を駈ける版画家達。 浮世絵から繋がる日本版画は戦後各国で開催されたビエンナーレで棟方 ....

Rediscovered Karhu woodblock

On an unusual time frame  I try to keep everyone informed as to what is going on in my gallery and in our various activities in connection with our art business. Often people write to me telling how much they enjoy the news that I relay, keeping them informed as to what an interesting time I am hav ....

Forgotten masterpieces

In our attempt to assist our clients who are slowly building their own collections of Japanese prints, we found that Kyoto always fascinates the foreign community who are searching for some very “Japanesey" art work that will provide depth that other collections may not include. For m ....

NHT birthday

Hello to all our friends from The Tolman Collection, Although I have not promised anyone a regular blog, still I am moved from time to time to send a report to my friends and other clients of our gallery who show a continued interest in what goes on in The Tolman Collection.  If you do not fall ....