Yoshikatsu TAMEKANE - 爲金義勝

b. 1959

Yoshikatsu Tamekane (b.1959) studied in Paris for three years, and in Philadelphia for one, which gives him more of an international approach than many other Japanese artists have. Involving himself in regular and frequent exhibitions keeps his name on the tip of everyone’s tongue. His woodblock prints employ bright and clear color, and the imagery is pleasing to the eye. His treatment of the paper he uses commands the viewer’s attention, sometimes he prints the color from the back of the paper; he also works in handmade Japanese washi paper. The limited editions of his work, (usually less than 30) are another reason that his works sell so quickly.
爲金義勝 1959年兵庫県西宮生まれ。パリに3年、米国フィラデルフィアに1年の滞在経験、他にも海外での実演講義をするなどの国際派。活発な制作に伴う数々の展覧会は作家としての認知度を高めている。手すき和紙に摺リ取られた色彩鮮やかな絵の具は見る者の目を引きつけ楽しませてくれる。

Yoshikatsu TAMEKANE -