The DyEing Art of Kappazuri

高橋宏光 合羽摺の歌舞伎絵展

2020.04.01(Wed) - 2020.04.05 (Sun) 10:00~17:00

An invitation to A Double Party- a print exhibition and a book launching

The Release of three dozen Kabuki-based Kappazuri prints by Takahashi Hiromitsu and

The publication of “The DyEing Art of Kappazuri" by Lucas Martineau

You are cordially invited to a doubly festive occasion -  the release of some three dozen images in very limited editions showcasing the exciting, colorful Kappazuri theater. The subject matter taken from plots from the Kabuki plays popular Japanese drama evolved from the No theater in which elaborately costumed performers use stylized movements , dances, and songs to enact tragedies and comedies

Explanations of the very complicated plots of these illustrated Kabuki scenes are given in both Japanese and English  in  "The DyEing Art of Kappazuri” by Lucas  Martineau which clarify what is going on in each of the prints.  Additional text of the technical aspects of actually producing a kappazuri prints is also provided.

As a memento a copy of the book, “The DyEing Art of Kappazuri” will be presented to all who attend the opening andt the same time images of the prints that illustrate the book will be available for purchase.

We look forward to seeing you at the opening, presenting you with a copy of the book, and helping you to select a print.