The DyEing Art of Kappazuri

2020.04.01(Wed) - 2020.04.05 (Sun) 4/1 11:00 ~ 17:00 4/2-5 11:00 ~ 19:00

Dear patient and wondering clients,

"The Times” which is the best way to refer to what we are up against at this moment, call first for flexibility, secondly for imagination, thirdly for patience and if one has any breathe left….luck.  Working for the compilation of a book that will be remembered at first because its author, Lucas Martineau brought it to fruition at the age of only 16, but there is no question in my mind that he will be given accolades for quite a long time. 

The book was to be launched at the Sogetsu Kaikan in a champagne reception befitting the occasion, and copies of it to be given as a present to those invited to the party.  Well the party, the champagne, and the free book still hold, and there is only one change - the venue !!!!  Now all this will take place at The Tolman Collection, in Shiba Daimon at our well known gallery.

We apologize to those who got all ready to go but did not know to where, now we have solved all the problems (we hope) and will be waiting for you from Wednesday, April 1 from 11 - 5, and on April 2-3-4-5 from 11 - 7.

Our efforts, a combination of the four above virtues were tried and not found wanting. Now we are just waiting for you to join

and help us celebrate.