The well-educated, fluent in English staff of the Tolman Collection comprise one of its most important assets. Our clients consist of citizens from more than 50 countries and in addition to their native languages, the battle with English, they face the constant struggle with the Japanese language. So, it can be said that our clients are delighted to visit our gallery to be looked after their artistic needs by four very personable, kind and helpful Japanese men in English.

    Allison Tolman

    Allison Tolman is now the owner of The Tolman Collection, a position she holds while living in New York and making frequent visits to Tokyo; the development of easy communication through on-line techniques has made this possible. A well known Yalie, and an involved person of The Japan Art Society of America (JASA,) she has operated her own art business in New York for more than 20 years and so she is fully aware of the daily workings of a gallery. Our frequent calls with her, almost on a daily basis, keeps her in touch with what is going on in our Tokyo business.

    Eiji Nagao

    Eiji Nagao, now the Senior Advisor of The Tolman Collection has been a very important part of our gallery for almost 40 years. His employment started during his 4th years at Meiji University while he worked as an “arbaito" (part time worker.) His charming, patient, dedicated manner, coupled with his total knowledge of the art that our gallery offers has made him a vital person in our gallery. Clients who worked in Japan many years ago often make it a habit to drop by to say hello to him when they visit Japan. They are always swept away when he can recall what pieces they have bought from our gallery.

    Daisuke Maruoka

    Daisuke Maruoka, Managing Director of The Tolman Collection, has served our company well; from the start, for five years and a half as the sole operator of our Shanghai effort, and later as the representative of our Hong Kong gallery for around same length of time. Those eleven years have given Daisuke an international outlook and his almost 20 years with The Tolman Collection make him an indispensable person in our gallery. Our frequent overseas exhibitions sometimes call on Daisuke to participate, even to the extent of shows we have done in Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brussels and Qazaqstan. He has also worked in New York with Allison Tolman at major international exhibitions.

    Shin Mochizuki

    Shin Mochizuki, International Project Manager, has been with The Tolman Collection for ten years. His transformation from a hard worker in the food and beverage industry to the role of Personal Assistant to Mr. Tolman has quickly turned him into an internationally capable art dealer. In his role as P.A. to Mr. Tolman, Shin visited more than 50 countries which has served him well in our business. While maintaining his position as Personal Assistant to Mr. Tolman, Shin has acquired his MBA role and his experience abroad has earned him his role as Manager of International Business, backed by actual visits to so many countries with different ways of conducting business.

    Kiyo Fukuda

    Kiyo Fukuda, Project Manager has been with the Tolman Collection for several terms. First as a young college student he worked on a part time basis. After his graduation working as hard as he could, without giving up the wonderful world that snow-boarding offer worked for the gallery. Mr. Tolman, realizing his potential was convinced that he should join The Tolman Collection as a fulltime member of The Tolman Collection. Then, Kiyo joined the company where he has the special role of knowing where everything is, what everyone does, and what should be done about everything. His role as record maker, photo expert, and regular participant in our frequent exhibitions out of the gallery are vital parts of our business.



    トールマン コレクションにとって、よく訓練された英語を話すスタッフは最も重要な財産の1つです。私たちのお客様は世界50カ国以上からお越しになり、慣れない日本語に苦労されています。ですから、そのお客様方のニーズに英語でお応えすることができるスタッフがいることはとても重要な意味を持つのです。



    長尾 英司


    丸岡 大介

    トールマン コレクションのマネージングディレクターである丸岡大介は上海、香港のギャラリーの設立、運営を各5年半ずつ計11年もの間、多大なる貢献をしました。この11年間による国際的なビジネススキルに加え、20年近くにわたるギャラリーでの経験は彼を必要不可欠な存在にしました。メキシコ、香港、シンガポール、ブリュッセル、カザフスタンで行った展示会を取り仕切り、またニューヨークではアリスン トールマンと協業を行って参りました。

    望月 心


    福田 清之