Susumu ENDO - 遠藤享

b. 1933

The works of Susumu Endo (b.1933) are as alive and as the artist who has led a long and fruitful life and whose lithographs are as fresh as they were when he first started printing them more than 40 years ago. Lists of his world-wide exhibitions fill several pages, and another list of his awards also takes up a whole page, nor is there a lack of appearance in many permanent collections from faraway places with strange sounding names. Working within the lithographic field, with many of his own printing devices and seeing to the wide distribution of his work has firmly established Endo’s name.
遠藤 享 1933年生まれ。グラッフィックデザイナーの傍ら、40年以上前にもなるリトグラフの制作開始以来、その輝きは今もって衰えない。受賞歴、作品収蔵の公的コレクションの数々を見ても世界的評価の高さは歴然としている。東京アートディレクターズ・クラブ重鎮としてのセンスが作品からうかがえる。

Susumu ENDO - lithograph