Ryo NISHIMURA - 西村 涼

b. 1993

Nishimura Ryo was born in Kyoto and studied at Kyoto Seika Univ. and Kyoto City Univ. of Arts. As luck would have it, his work was being presented in the CWAJ’s 2017 exhibition where it swept the entire staff (and owner) of The Tolman Collection off our feet. We immediately captured his imagination and have been able to place hundreds of pieces of his drypoint at several prestigious collections such as Harvard University and LACMA. Our gallery always seeks, and usually finds the best.
西村 涼 1993年京都生まれ。京都精華大学卒業後、京都市立芸術大学で修士課程修了。卒業前の2017年のCWAJ版画展出品を機に取扱いを始める。それ以来、個人コレクターはもとより複数の美術館への収蔵がなされた。期待の若手版画家。

Ryo NISHIMURA - Drypoint