Sayaka KAWAMURA - 川村 紗耶佳

2017 Associate Member of the Japan Print Association
2015 Completed the Graduate School of Tama Art University, Department of Painting, Printmaking Course
2013 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Department of Media Arts and Design, Printmaking Course

2021 Ueno Artist Project 2021 "Everyday Life : I am reborn" (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo)
Solo exhibition (Gallery Keifu, Kyoto)
2019 Solo Exhibition (Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo)
Group Exhibition "As Emotionless as Possible (but There Is)") (3331Arts Chiyoda Akibatamabi 21, Tokyo)
2020 Solo exhibition (Gallery Keifu, Kyoto) (Gallery SATORU, Tokyo)
2018 Solo Exhibition (Gallery SATORU, Tokyo), Solo Exhibition (Gallery Keifu, Kyoto)
2017 Solo Exhibition at Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2017 Solo Exhibition (Art Gallery Muse, Gunma, Japan)
2020 Solo Exhibition (ODD ONE OUT, Hong Kong)
2019 Group exhibition( YING GALLERY, Beijing)


2021 The 4th International Woodblock Print Conference Constellation Studios Prize
2020 The 11th Kochi International Print Triennial Grand Prize
2018 Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennale 2018 Museum Prize
2017 The 23rd Kawakami Sumio Museum of Art, Kanuma City Grand Prize for Woodblock Prints
2017 Tosa Washi Prize, 10th Kochi International Print Triennial
2015 14th Minamishimabara City Seminariyo Contemporary Print Exhibition, Minamishimabara City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Prize
2015 Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial 2015, Jury Prize
2015 Awagami Mini International Print Exhibition 2015 Minoru Fujimori Prize
2014 The 20th Kawakami Sumio Kawanuma City Museum of Art Woodblock Print Grand Prix, Second Prize
2014 The 9th Kochi International Print Triennial, Honorable Mention Award
2014 National University Print Exhibition, Collection Prize


2014 The 13th Minamishimabara City Seminariyo Contemporary Print Exhibition, Minamishimabara City Council Chairperson Prize
2013 19th Kawakami Sumio Kawakami Museum of Art, Kanuma City, Japan, Woodblock Print Grand Prix, Special Jury Prize