Anjin ABE - 安倍安人

Contemporary Ceramic, oil painting

Anjin Abe was born in Osaka in 1938 and currently lives and works in Okayama Prefecture. Abe accomplished a great deal of research in the techniques of Kobizen, a simple and sturdy style until he created a new form of Kobizen in the modern age. He has also produced a series of colorful Bizen pieces that shine like jewels in recent years, elevating Bizen ware to a contemporary art form. Abe is highly regarded as a contemporary Bizen potter, along with three other Living National Treasures, Kei Fujiwara, Yu Fujiwara, and Touyou Kaneshige. However, unlike these ceramic artists, Abe began his career as a painter and sculptor and then taught himself to build his kiln, bringing him to his current position as a rare artist. His works are included in the collections of Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Ateliers d' de France, Paris; National Palace Museum, Taipei among others.

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Anjin ABE - Contemporary Ceramic, oil painting