Takeshi HARA - 原 健


Hara Takeshi 原 健 (lithograph)
1942 Born in Nagoya, Japan
1967 in painting from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts
1969 M.A. in painting from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts
Presently a full professor at Zokei University (Tokyo University of Art and Design) 1975-76 Grant of Japan Cultural Agency to study abroad (Germany, England and the US)
Major Exhibitions
1969 Shell Art Exhibition, Tokyo (awarded prize)
1970 Trends in Contemporary Japanese Art, Kyoto National Museum
7th Tokyo International Print Biennal
1971 8th Paris Biennal
1972 7th Japan Art Festival, Tokyo and Mexico
8th Tokyo International Print Biennal (awarded prize)
1973 8th Japan Art Festival, Tokyo, Yugoslavia, Germany
1974 Today’s Prints, Tokyo Central Museum
Modern Prints, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts
1976 12th Florence International Print Biennal
5th British International Print Biennal
1977 First Print Competition, Tokyo(by invitation)
1979 6th British International Print Biennal
1980 Japanese Contemporary Prints, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
Japan prints in Paris exhibition
1981 The World in Contemporary Prints, 1955-1980, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
Contemporary Art of Japan, Seoul
1982 1st Grand Prize Seibu Print Competition, Tokyo
1983 Exhibition: A Tribute to Birgit Skiold, Tokyo and London
Tokyo Central Museum Grand Prize Print Exhibition
World Prints 1983 Contemporary Japanese Print show, Poland 4th Seoul International Print Biennal
1984 Original Poster exhibition, 47 Artists, Seibu Art Forum, Tokyo
1985 Contemporary Japanese Prints, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
1986 Japanese Contemporary Prints, Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo Contemporary Japanese Prints, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum 5th Seoul International Print Biennal
1987 Art Expo ’87, New York
1988 12th Cracow International Print Biennal, Poland
Hara Museum Collection exhibition, Tokyo
1989 9th Swedish Triennal International Print Exhibition
Art Kite Exhibit (traveling show in Japan, Europe, USA) Development of Modern Art (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) 3th West-Lake International Print Biennal (China)
1990.93 Japan in TAIDE (Retretti Art Center, Finland)
1991 5th International Beinnal Print 1991 ROC (Taipei Fine Museum), Taiwan
1992 The Urban Bonsai・・・ Contemporary Japanese Prints (Australia, New Zealand)
First International Contemporary Art Festival, Yokohama
1994 International Prints Triennal ’94 Cracow Sino-Japanese Printmaking Exhibition, Taipei National Museum
1995 Japanese Contemporary Prints, Argentina
1999 Group show, Sogetsu Gallery, Tokyo produced by The Tolman Collection
The National Museum of Modern Arts, Tokyo The National Museum of Modern Arts, Kyoto The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo The Japan Cultural Agency
The Japan Foundation, Tokyo
The British Museum, London
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Bradford Art Museum, England
Art Museum of New South Wales, Australia Rockefeller Foundation, USA
Cincinnati Art Museum, Ohio
The National Museum of Krakow, Poland Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts Tokushima Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts Fukushima City Art Museum
Iwaki City Museum
Nigata City Museum
Oume City Museum
Machida City Museum of Graphic Art, Tokyo Osaka Contemporary Art Center

The Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo
Oita Prefectural Art Center
Yokohama City Center
Tokyo University of Fine Arts
Western Washington University, USA
The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England

Takeshi HARA - lithograph