Kazutoshi SUGIURA - 杉浦 和利

b. 1938
silkscreen / gold leaf

1938 Born in Kyoto
1957 Entered Kyoto Municipal College of Fine Arts, took Japanese painting course
1960 Print edition commissioned by International Graphic Art Society, New York
Began to show his oil paintings and silkscreen prints at the Yamada Gallery exclusively
1961 Participated in Japan Print Association exhibits until 1963
Organized Kyoto Hanga-ka Shudan (printmakers group), continued until 1966
1962 Graphics purchased by the Brooklyn Museum, New York
1963 Graduated from Kyoto Municipal College of Fine Arts. Continued in post-graduate course.
1967 Began to study Japanese classical paintings at Kyoto National Museum. From 1968, for four years, studied fine-art restoration at Kyoto National Museum.
1975 Started to make his own paintings and prints based on his experiences of classic art restoration.
1978 Awarded a prize at the Kyoto Galleries Art Festival by the Kyoto Federation of Galleries
1981 Participated in CWAJ Exhibition, Tokyo.
1984 - 2002 Annually exhibited at CWAJ exhibition
2004 - 2011,15 Annually exhibited at CWAJ exhibition
1983 Print selected by Refugees International for use as a greeting card
1988 Exhibit, Intaglio Printmakers Gallery, Melbourne
1989 Exhibit of modern Japanese art, Portland, Maine museum
1999 Group show “Japanese prints by ten artists,” produced by The Tolman Collection for Canberra National Multicultural Festival at Canberra Museum and Gallery

1986 Until the present, represented internationally by the Tolman Collection of Tokyo

His works have been widely exhibited in New York, Melbourne, San Francisco, Seattle, London, Australia, Canada.
He is widely collected by both private individuals and by corporations.

Kazutoshi SUGIURA - silkscreen / gold leaf