Concurrent Events: Furukawa Art Museum / Tamasaburo Memorial Museum “In Memoriam: Momohor Shinoda 107nen no kiseki” Exhibition

2024.06.15(Sat) - 2024.07.28 (Sun) 10:00~17:00

Deeply connected to the Tokai region, Toko Shinoda (1913-2021) spent her 107-year lifetime exploring the realms of artistic creation with ink, constantly aiming for new expressions to carve through life. Renowned for her abstract art in sumi-e, using ink and brush, she garnered global acclaim. Her endeavors spanned various domains from being a foundational "calligrapher" to an "artist" of abstract paintings, a "printmaker" of lithographs, and a "contemporary artist" confronting large-scale mural spaces. Moreover, she possessed the aspect of a "essayist," documenting her creative process and life perspectives, captivating many with her steadfast style.

In this exhibition, rare original works and printmaking pieces spanning approximately 50 years, sourced from The Tolman Collection, which has vigilantly observed Toko Shinoda's artistic journey, will be exhibited at both the Furukawa Museum and the Tamesaburo Memorial Branch. At the Furukawa Museum, visitors will trace Shinoda's trajectory from the period she single-handedly journeyed to the United States in 1956 at the age of 43, seeking her unique style amidst the limelight of avant-garde calligraphy. During her two-year stay in America, she deepened ties with masters of abstract expressionism at the forefront of the era, and upon her return, she continued to evolve her abstract and spatial expressions through ink. The museum will present grand pieces exhibiting the vigor and hues of ink lines unique to hand-brushed works, along with the incidental effects of Japanese paper such as blurring and bleeding.

Additionally, at the Tamesaburo Memorial Branch, housed in a tea-ceremony-style building dating back to the early Showa period, lithograph works, to which Shinoda dedicated her passion as one of her expressive techniques, will be exhibited. In her lithograph production, she meticulously hand-colored many of the printed works, imparting different expressions of decoration and rhythm to each piece.

Embrace the fleeting moments of natural light and seize this unique opportunity to engage with Toko Shinoda's works up close.

• Posthumous tribute exhibition, 3 years after her passing.

• A large-scale exhibition in Nagoya after 8 years (since the 2016 Toko Shinoda Exhibition at KITTE Nagoya, commemorating its opening).

• The Tolman Collection: Established in 1971, renowned for introducing Japanese contemporary prints abroad, representing unparalleled quality and quantity in galleries handling Shinoda's works.

Exhibition Period: June 15th (Saturday) - July 28th (Sunday), 38 days Venue: Furukawa Museum, Tamesaburo Memorial Branch, simultaneous exhibition at both locations

Organized by Furukawa Art Museum

Directed by The Tolman Collection

Cooperation of QoLArt

Sponsored by SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.

Supported by Aichi Prefectural Board of Education, Nagoya City Board of Education, Chunichi Shimbun Co., Ltd., CBC Television, Starcat Cable Network Corporation

Featured Works:

• Furukawa Museum: Approximately 25 original works

• Tamesaburo Memorial Branch: Around 20-30 lithograph works of various sizes

For inquiries, please contact: Ayako Oyaizu, Department of Education and Culture, Furukawa Museum

Phone: 052-763-1991

Fax: 052-763-1994