Foreign Correspondents Club Exhibition

2018.09.15(Sat) - 2018.11.25 (Sun)

How can it be April already? I have heard this so much today that I have been moved to drop our clients a message marking this pretty season, commenting on the Cherry Blossoms (late this year but then they lasted longer than usual) and telling what has been happening in our gallery so far this year.

Much of what we are doing has to do with Toko Shinoda, now officially 106 as of March 28. On the day after her birthday we re-installed her large painting in the FCCJ at a small invitation-only exhibition. At that time the Press Club also made space available to us, and we mounted a showing of a dozen of her recent original sumi paintings there which are now for sale. We will close our Shiba Daimon gallery early on Saturday, April 6 and from 5:30 - 8:30 be there in person to talk about Toko and her wonderful works. Now we can say that Toko’s art work can be found in central Tokyo from the Zojoji Temple, right here in Shiba, over to the Kikuchi Museum near the Hotel Okura, then a few blocks away at the lobby of the Conrad Hotel in Shiodome, and in Ginza at the wonderful new building that houses the Mikimoto Pearl Company and now at the Foreign Correspondent’t Club in the Tokyo Shoko Kaigi Sho building near the palace, one can see marvelous paintings by our great star. Of course not all of Toko’s works are easy to see, like the ones that hang in the Imperial Palace, but they are harder to get to.

We will be at the FCCJ (phone 3211 3161 for directions) on Saturday night waiting to show you her classic “Blossoms” from 1968 along with the new paintings for sale. If you are interested in coming please phone us at 3434 1300 and let us know so we can be on the lookout for you.