Happy Father’s Day

2021.05.26(Wed) - 2021.06.20 (Sun)
Dear Clients of The Tolman Collection,

Recently I wrote telling our local clients that we have noticed that our business has slowly but surely survived due to the wonderful cooperation of collectors all around the world. This came as a surprise and an in-house analysis of our sales showed that we have been spending lots of time writing to and for the world audience of the interesting prints that have been made, in many occasions, just for The Tolman Collection. That usually means that if you don’t buy them from The Tolman Collection’s wide selection, then you can’t get to see them, and that is why we are paying more attention to doing business online.

We also are aiming at people who are here in Tokyo, not necessarily of their own volition, but more because of the lack of traveling imposed by the pandemic. We have recently helped people who were looking for a suitable Mother’s Day gift.  Our clients were happy to be able to send an appropriate gift to their Mother. Now it is Father’s Day time and we have discovered Japanese prints that just might fit into your plan to send your father something telling how much you miss him.

This time, in order for you to find something really unique and that no one else would have thought of, we have decided to recommend prints by artist Yoshio Imamura which seem to  please a wide number of people. Perhaps if you check you will find a print representing his zodiac sign and they are only 50,000yen.