LA Art Show

2018.01.10(Wed) - 2018.01.14 (Sun)
January 10 - 14
The Tolman Collection will be taking part in
Booth 3033

It will be held at the Convention Center right next to Staples Center. My daughter Allison and Kiyo Fukuda from our Tokyo gallery will be there, and they have invited me to join in, and I will.

Last year’s show proved to be a winner and in 200,000 square feet of show space committed to today’s promising gallery’s work this year you are sure to find something that you simply must have.

Of course I hope it is from pieces in our own gallery that you get this feeling. To make sure that you don’t go away without something from Japan I have promised Allison and Kiyo to be there to do all the right things to make you feel that way and answer all your questions.

Even if you don’t get that feeling,  I will still be happy to see you and reminisce and talk about your collection, and remind you of the wonderful times we have spent with you when you visit with Allison in New York or come to Tokyo to see us.

Since I hardly ever get to LA, I hope you will come and say hello to me.