Mother’s Day

2021.04.30(Fri) - 2021.05.12 (Wed)

Let's celebrate Mother's day!

Several years ago, paying more attention than was asked of me, I wrote a reminder to all my clients saying “Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so instead of just sending her a box of chocolates (that aren’t good for her anyway, though she will gobble them all up,) how about sending her flowers…but wait, not the ones that will wither and dry up and leave her feeling sad! I suppose you will never guess what lovely suggestion I offered to my dear clients? All those who said that it was..”Why don’t you send her a print with flowers in it?” you are absolutely right. And of course we have a dozen prints with flowers that will make your Mother happy that you have remembered her!!!  

For being so smart and kind, and to reward you for taking care of your own dear Mother I will award you a 10% discount. I advise you to avail yourself of my kindness and I also promise that I won’t tell your Mother that it was my idea that you should remember her yourself. 

Although kind thoughts of this sort always fill my mind, I have to confess that it was just around Mother’s Day many moons ago that my own dear mother who for all sorts of reasons became quite famous in Tokyo due to her four visits of one month, two months, four months, and eight months suddenly wrote to me asking for a Clifton Karhu calendar which we all have used as Christmas cards. Mother had just remembered someone who was not on her list and simply had to have another calendar. They were all sold out and my mother, on getting this news said to me…"Whose Mother do you think you are talking to, it's me, your own dear Mother." She wasn't kidding and of course I did the only thing one could do when dealing with one’s Mother…I gave up my own calendar.

Don’t get any ideas of that happening again, you have to spend your own money for your own Mother, or even for somebody else’s Mom whom you may also wish to treat.

Norman Tolman