SHINODA Toko exhibition at Zojoji

2018.11.01(Thu) - 2018.11.11 (Sun)
2018, 11/1 - 11/11
大本山 増上寺 宝物展示室ホワイエ

The summer has gone and here we are at the end of September.  Having just finished our role in the "Works on Paper," show in Switzerland here I am in Amsterdam en route back to Tokyo on a few days off to visit friends here and in Germany.

Having truly enjoyed the opening of the Saito Kiyoshi Museum’s wonderful exhibition of my collection of Saito’s woodblock prints in mid- September, I had to rush off to a pre-planned art fair in Switzerland.  My daughter Allison came to Tokyo to help out and we were all quite pleased with the event that will last until November 25. There is a catalog of that show available which includes more than 100 prints from my private collection.

I am returning, reinvigorated, to Tokyo to finish our project called: "The Tolman Collection’s Tribute to Toko Shinoda at the Zojoji Temple.”  a complicated title but it is an important event The Temple, founded more than 600 years ago, served as the personal chapel of the Tokugawa family. It is also the site of Shinoda’s largest painting, a three-panel mural which was installed in 1974.  Its large, 29-meter size is an imposing feature of the Temple.
In the presence of this masterpiece, as a tribute to Toko-san (b.1913) and her life of accomplishment, I have borrowed, from our distinguished collectors, her original paintings that they have acquired from my gallery. The exhibition will last from November 1 - 11 .and will show paintings not usually seen. There will also be a catalog of this exhibition available as soon as I get back to Tokyo to help in its compilation.

Over the almost 50 years we have been in business my gallery has been involved in so many projects -exhibitions and shows of various nature. But the two now underway, are of special importance to me since they showcase my two long-term favorites.