The Tolman Collection Exhibition at Saito Kiyoshi Museum

2018.09.15(Sat) - 2019.11.25 (Mon)
With summer quickly fading, and about to swing into September, we are happy to tell you about an unusual exhibition that will take place at the Saito Kiyoshi Museum in Yanaizu, near Aizu Wakamatsu in Fukushima Prefecture. From September 15 - November 25 at the eponymous Museum dedicated to the woodblock prints of Saito-san (1907 - 1997) an exhibition of some 100 objects from my personal collection are to be be shown

To be called “My Saito Kiyoshi,” his imaginative prints,  along with works of other famous artists of his time, together with rugs and furniture borrowed from me, will be exhibited and displayed as if they were actually in my home.

The prints depict elegant scenes of rural Japan and include works released from as early as the 1950s. They are prints that I have collected slowly and quietly for my private enjoyment and are not among the pieces that are sold at The Tolman Collection.

Date: September 15th - November 25th
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm (Close on Monday)
Address: 187 Shitadaira Yanaizu-machi Kawanuma-gun Fukushima
Tel: 0241-42-3630