Toko Shinoda's words will be featured on E-television's "Kotonoha: Words and Images File - A Message from the Man himself"


On June 19, 2023, NHK E-Tele will broadcast "Koto no Koe Eizo File Kenkyujo Ano Hito kara no Message" ("The Laboratory of Words and Images: Messages from That Person"), where actor Shinosuke Mitsushima will respond to the request of guest Anna Murashige and introduce inspiring words as the theme.

In this special program, we will present a compilation of the exquisite words featured in the program "Ano Hito ni Aitai" ("I Want to Meet That Person”). Among them, the words of artist Toko Shinoda, who was 102 years old at the time, will surely give courage to many people. Throughout her long life, Toko experienced various trials and hardships, yet she continued to pursue her art without giving up. Her words will surely evoke the power and hope to overcome adversity.

Furthermore, the words of Mori Hanae from HANAE MORI and Kazuo Inamori, the former chairman of Kyocera known as the "God of Management," will also be introduced in this program. Each of them possesses profound insights into the secrets of success and the value of life. Their words will inspire a positive attitude and evoke the strength and hope to face adversity, even in challenging circumstances.

Through this program, we will present carefully selected words that resonate with the heart. Please be sure to watch it.


NHK E-television

Kotonoha File of Images ~Messages from that person~

First Broadcast Date

Monday, June 19, 2033, 10:50 p.m.