Toko Shinoda Reception Featured in Hersey Shiga Media


Toko Shinoda special exhibition reception by The Tolman Collection Tokyo

On June 17th, The Tolman Collection Tokyo held a special reception to honor Toko Shinoda’s work in a special exhibition at the Tomo museum of art.

Close friends and admirers of Toko Shinoda gathered at the elegant International House of Japan in Roppongi for this occasion. Mr. Tolman, founder of the Tolman Collection Tokyo gave the opening speech thanking the many guests and his team for contributing to a successful event that day:

“Toko Shinoda was the lady who became famous all around the world for her abstract paintings. I was lucky enough when leaving my Foreign Service career to live next to her, and I became her art dealer.”

“Shinoda san passed away last year at an admirable age of 107. This exhibit that we put out was to celebrate her life.”