Toko Shinoda Exhibition : a retrospective


Toko Shinoda's exhibition has been held at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery. Please visit and see the exhibition.

Toko Shinoda (1913-2021), who maintained a position of independent throughout her long career of over 70 years, continued to explore and develop her own unique field of abstract expression in ink from avant-garde calligraphy. Born in Dalian, China, and raised in Tokyo, Shinoda threw herself into the world of calligraphy in search of an independent way of life, and soon after the war, at the age of over 40, she moved to New York and greatly expanded her activities. In this era of feverish search for new forms of expression, when Western abstract art and Japanese avant-garde calligraphy resonated with each other at the forefront of the times, Shinoda's expressions attracted great attention and earned her high acclaim. After returning to Japan, Shinoda established an unrivaled position in the art world by creating completely new and original abstract and spatial expressions in ink that were not bound by the dichotomies of calligraphy and painting, or writing and figuration, and that sometimes extended to architectural scales. Shinoda also established a unique style of expression in the world of printmaking, and was widely loved as a master of essays backed by a rich culture, sensitive sensibility, and a sharp critical mind. This exhibition, held one year after the artist's death at the unbelievable age of 107, introduces the entire scope of Shinoda’s activities over a long period of time and examines his broad range and modernity from a contemporary perspective.