2020 Karhu calendar



Calendar (2020):
Clifton KARHU calendar
(85 x 9 cm 12 pages / 12 full-page color photos)

(85 x 9 cm 12ページ / 12点の作品をフルカラー)

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Dear fans of Clifton Karhu and his calendars,

Every year since 1978 the fascinating “got to have” calendars of Clifton Karhu have lit up our lives even more than Debby Boone’s famous song tells us.  We sometimes get orders for them as early as the coming of the Autumnal Equinox, and just like Debby's song says they can’t be wrong because they feel so right.  It is always amazing to me how they retain their popularity after 41 years, but people feel that the holidays just wouldn’t be the same without them. So here we go again!

Every year since Mr. Karhu passed away in 2007, we have suffered the “Will they be made this year, or not? So, it gives me great pleasure to tell you that these little stocking stuffers are now here!  With the proper adjustment for the new sales tax they now will be available for ¥2750 which will include the new sale tax.

Struggling as we do to keep up with the times, we are offering them through Amazon and full directions on how to proceed are available as follows.:

Special bulletin; as those who follow our galleries activities may know, this year, due to a concerted effort we have been able to gather, from various corners of our collecting world, older Karhu prints to add to your collection.

Due to our strict policies, of course they are in pristine condition as are all works that we offer at our gallery.  We have gathered a large number of prints which are now being photographed and will appear on this website in November.

We always like to be ahead of others, and it isn’t time for Christmas, so please let us send you Happy Autumn wishes.