All the (gallery) news that’s fit to print


All the (gallery) news that’s fit to print

The title of this bulletin to all clients of The Tolman Collection is not an original one,  it is what the N.Y. Times says about itself, but I hope that they won’t mind if I borrow it just this time. It will help you to know where  all the members of our gallery are, and what we are doing there.

“Getting the word out” is the most difficult aspect of running our international business from Tokyo.  While it is true that Japan’s population is 126,000,000 (according to the CIA,) and our Tolman Collection is the largest publishers of contemporary Japanese prints, it is not that group that we are after. Our target audience consists of those with no geographic limitations, who are interested in fine art, especially contemporary Japanese prints. We are the largest publishers of this genre of art - we offer woodblock prints, silkscreens, etchings and lithographs by some 50 artists - the total list will be available on our website soon. Now that we have declared whom we are “after” and what we are presenting please allow me to tell you what specific exhibitions we are joining.

From time to time I write, without considering it of even blog status, to try to inform friends and clients of what is going on in our gallery.  During this time, after the long, hot, and boring month of August, I suddenly find the following items of quite unusual circumstance that will keep us busy that I want to share with you. We will be doing what we usually do, introducing the  best contemporary Japanese prints, but now we will be doing it in Melbourne, Fukuoka, and in Almaty in Qazaqstan!

Shin and Kiyo will be in Melbourne for the first "Affordable Art Fair" there. We have participated in Affordable Art Fairs regularly in Singapore, Hong Kong and New York for  many years: we took part in the first and only fair in Mexico;  and joined one fair in Seoul. We usually find great success in participating. Now the organizers are bringing forth an Australian version and of course, we too, have signed up; from September 5, Shin and Kiyo will be there telling everything they know about Japanese prints, finding a new audience for them.

Never ones to be overshadowed, Eiji and Daisuke will travel to Fukuoka for an art fair there. Called "Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2019.”  it is divided into two parts; one at the Mitsukoshi Department Store, and another at the Okura Hotel. In our segment at Mitsukoshi,  we will be showing only original paintings and lithographs by none other than Toko Shinoda, now 106 years old. We have not shown Toko’s works in Kyushu before and are expectant of a good response.

Of course everyone knows that I never want to miss out on anything exciting. Therefore,  for my part in these momentous activities I will  journey again to Qazaqstan for the 7th time. This brand-new country of only 28 years has not had much contact with Japanese prints or prints of any kind.  We will remedy that situation with a showing of almost 100 different prints by all of the Japanese artists whose works we have sold all over the world. Since I have complained a lot about the quiet times of August, while suffering the hot and muggy days one can easily imagine how happy I, and the boys are to spring back into action.

We welcome September and the chance to put a world-wide touch on our attempts to spread the word of Japanese prints everywhere. In line with this, it should be obvious that without the regular consistent backing of Allison from her New York vantage point we would find it much harder than it is. We relish our daily phones calls and express great thanks to the wonderful Apps that make this possible. Allison's assistance provides us with an advantage that no other gallery can claim