Our tribute to Toko Shinoda


Our Toko Shinoda

Since I first met her in the 1970s ,Toko Shinoda has occupied a great portion of my daily thoughts and influenced everything I know about being an art dealer. Her example of taking care of one’s own business and allowing others to tend to theirs was something that has stayed with me for these long years. The combination of the wondrous works that she created for me to offer resulted in an artist/dealer relationship unequaled to my knowledge.

In the placement of her work all around the globe, from our gallery in Tokyo to many far flung places in Kazakhstan and Melbourne, from Hong Kong to New York and from Honolulu to Amsterdam I was always proud of Toko and the talent that she was always able to put down on paper, the results of which pleased myriad fans, collectors, the wealthy who could have anything they wanted and regular people who had to save up to have one of her works of their own.

It was a marvel to me. having sold an unimaginable amount of her fabulous works almost every day during all this time, and I almost thought that she would always be with us. That she nearly reached the magic age of 108 and was as popular at the very end as she has been for these long years is proof that what she painted was what people wanted to own and elevated their minds and status. I am proud to have been part of the magic of Toko Shinoda and will never stop appreciating her influence on me. I will always remember Toko through her unforgettable works of art, stylish lifestyle and the position that she held for such a long time.