A history of Toko Shinoda - 篠田桃紅の軌跡


English; 1913 Born in Dalian, Manchuria in March 1936 First one-woman exhibit of calligraphy at Kyukyodo Gallery, Tokyo 1945 Begins to produce abstract work branching away from conventional calligraphy 1947 Begins to produce abstract work Sumi ink instead of calligraphy 1 ....

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A baker’s dozen of last-number masterpieces by Toko Shinoda


  A baker’s dozen of last-number masterpieces by Toko Shinoda Due to our long established work and continuing development, The Tolman Collection is famous and noted for all sorts of things - most of them good things; for example, we are famous for having the ....

Remembering Iwami Reika (1927-2020)


The Tolman Collection is now open.


Dear Tolman Collection followers, Today, for the first time this month we re-opened our usually popular gallery. We have been conducting business via email and have been pleased to have sold several rather expensive items to alert clients all around the globe. In addition, in a small tribute to T ....

The Tolman Collection is temporarily closed. Further information will be announced later.


The Tolman Collection is temporarily closed, but we are welcoming your inquiries. Thank you. 2020年4月9日から5月31日まで東京都の要請に応じ、店舗営業はお休み致します。

The DyEing Art of Kappazuri at The Tolman Collection


Dear patient and wondering clients, "The Times” which is the best way to refer to what we are up against at this moment, call first for flexibility, secondly for imagination, thirdly for patience and if one has ....

David Rockefeller and Shinoda Toko / 篠田桃紅とデイヴィッド・ロックフェラー


Toko Shinoda, A long term view *日本語は英語の後に続きます。 My elder brother, John D. Rockefeller 3rd, and his wife, Blanchette, first introduced my wife, Peggy, and me to the exciting world of contemporary Japanese art in the mid 1950s.  John ha ....

Norman Tolman and Shinoda Toko / 篠田 桃紅とノーマントールマン


篠田桃紅(1913生)とトールマン(1936生) ノーマン H.トールマン (Norman H. Tolman)はアメリカ外交官の 職を30代で捨て、1970年代前半に 日本の現代版画を主に海外に紹介(販売)する画商のみちに入った。外交官 ....

2020 Karhu calendar


  Calendar (2020): ....

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