The Tolman Collection is now open.


Dear Tolman Collection followers,

Today, for the first time this month we re-opened our usually popular gallery. We have been conducting business via email and have been pleased to have sold several rather expensive items to alert clients all around the globe. In addition, in a small tribute to Tanaka Ryohei who recently passed away, we have placed a good amount of his wonderful Japanese motif etchings in a listing of selected pieces of his charming work.

It suddenly occurred to me that we made no announcements either that we would temporarily close the gallery, which we have done since the start of April, or that we had reopened it…a fact that I wish to make known now. No wonder we had no drop-in clients on Saturday. Let’s see if we get any tomorrow which is a Sunday.

We will return to our regular hours from 11 - 7 daily except Mondays and Tuesdays and be open on Saturday and Sunday as we have done up until about ten years ago. We hope that if you have time and interest you will drop in to see how we are….fine….in case you don’t make it. At any rate, we will be waiting to see you soon and help you find some art to brighten up your home and office where you have had to spend much too much time recently. Come and enjoy a glass of champagne with us, it might make everything look better.

Norman Tolman