The Tolman Collection with Clifton Karhu - 画歴


Clifton Karhu (1927-2007) was born in Duluth, Minnesota, but made Japan his home after initially traveling there to work as a Lutheran missionary. Inspired by the traditional architecture of the Kansai, Karhu learned woodblock printmaking and traditional brush painting and adopted the kimono as his everyday wear. During his lifetime he carved and printed more than 1500 images, most depicting the Kyoto and Kanazawa where he spent most of his life. His style can be characterized by a bold usage of strong colors, which he attributed to his study with the Synchromist artist Stanton MacDonald Wright

1927                    Born a twin in Duluth, Minnesota

1950-52               Studied at Minneapolis School of Art

1955                    From this date, continuous residence in Japan


1961-63               Central Japan Pacific Art Society

1961                    Gifu City Art Exhibit , Gifu Prefecture Art Exhibit

1962, 64               Gifu Watercolor Society

1962-65               Pacific Art Society

1962-67               Japan Watercolor Society

1963-68               Kyoto Print Society

1964-1998            Annually, Japan Print Association

1966-2006            Annually, College Women's Association Print Show

1966-2003            Numerous one-man shows in Tokyo, Yokohama, Numazu, Shizuoka

                            Toyama, Nagoya, Gifu, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Himeji, Tottori, Hiroshima,

                            Fukuoka, and Okinawa as well as the United States, Southeast Asia and Europe

1976                    Wako Department Store, Tokyo, produced by the Tolman Collection

1977                    Elected Kyoto representative of Japan Print Association

1977-2012            Annual Christmas exhibition, The Tolman Collection, Tokyo

1981                    Commission: The Tolman Collection 10th Anniversary Portfolio

1986                    Solo retrospective, Tweed Museum, Duluth, Minnesota

1990                    Solo retrospective, Retretti, Art Center, Finland

1991                    Solo show, Hankyu Department Store, Tokyo

1994                    Group show, Japanese Print Exhibit for Japan Week 94", Cairo

1999                    "Miyabi" Five American Artists of Kyoto at Sogetsu gallery produced by

                            The Tolman Collection

2003                    Group show, ”Textures of Influence,” University of Maryland University, USA


National Panasonic                                 AIU Japan

Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation IBM Japan

Business Week                                       Cathay Pacific Airways

N H K Television of Kansai                     Boston-Kyoto Sister City Committee

Hong Kong Tourist Association


Cincinnati Art Museum

East Asian Legal Studies Center, Harvard University

Kunst Museum, Salzburg

Minnesota Museum of Art, St. Paul, Minnesota

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Koger Properties, Florida

1927          アメリカのミネソタ州ダルースに生まれる

1950-52       ミネソタ美術学校にて学ぶ

1955―        日本に移住

1967-70       日本版画協会準会員

1971-98       日本版画協会会員

1977-98       日本版画協会京都支部長

展覧会歴 (抜粋)

1961-63       中部太平洋美術協会展

1961          岐阜市美術展

1962, 64       岐阜水彩画協会展

1962-65       太平洋美術協会展

1962-67       日本水彩画協会展

1963-68       京都版画協会展

1964-98       日本版画協会展(東京都美術館)

1966-2003      CWAJ版画展(東京アメリカン・クラブ)

1966-         個展多数−日本各地をはじめ、アメリカ・東南アジア・ヨーロッパ等

1976          個展(銀座和光、ザ・トールマン コレクションのプロデュースによる)

1977-2002      新作発表展(ザ・トールマン コレクション東京)

1986          回顧展(ツィード美術館、ミネソタ州ダルース)

1990          個展(レトレッティ・アートセンター、フィンランド)

1991          個展(有楽町阪急百貨店、東京)

1994          グループ展(ジャパン・ウィーク’94の為の版画展、エジプト)

1999          グル−プ展(雅、草月美術館)

2003          グループ展(メリーランド大学、米国)

コミッション(制作依頼)           収 蔵 

松下電器産業                        シンシナティ美術館(米国)

香港上海銀行                        クンスト美術館(オーストリア)

日本IBM                          ミネソタ美術館(米国)

日本AIU                          ボストン美術館(米国)

ビジネスウィーク                     オーストラリア国立美術館

キャセイ・パシフィック航空            東アジア・リーガルスタディ・センター

NHK関西                          アメリカ・ハーバード大学