Yoshikatsu Tamekane new works


Our gallery handles the works of about 50 artists; many of whom do work in various related fields. Tamekane-san after these years of hard work has become a full-time artist and has been for more than 20 years. His work is always fresh and new as if these pieces were the first he has ever made and one is immediately drawn to search and find a link to his earlier pieces.

While preparing this invitation to see his new work I became curious as to our standing in the role of galleries selling his work. I phoned Tamekane-san and politely asked the artist who is his largest dealer. I am delighted to be able to report that he said that “The Tolman Collection has the wonderful right to call themselves my leading dealer.”

For art dealers it is reassuring to know where one stands and the news that we are #1 makes me know that we will be giving special attention to his work, even more than we have been doing for such a long time. Our Tokyo and  New York galleries both welcome the release of his new prints. I hope that you will look the pieces over carefully and come up with the same positive stand that we enjoy in bringing his work to your attention.

Norman H. Tolman

The Tolman Collection