Yuichi HASEGAWA - 長谷川雄一

b. 1945

Yuichi Hasegawa born in 1945 in Aizu Wakamatsu was fortunate enough to have met and been mentored by another Fukushima native, Kiyoshi Saito, the first Japanese artist to earn the praise of foreigners in Japan right after the war. Both artists’ works have to do with persimmons - Saito often presents them as themes in his prints, but Hasegawa goes him one better and uses the persimmon juice (kakishibu) as backing of his paper to give it strength. Fukushima is the persimmon capital of Japan and both artists deserve praise for keeping the persimmon working for them in their work.
長谷川雄一 1945年福島県会津若松に生まれる。終戦直後GHQを始めとする外人に人気の的となった同郷の木版画家、斎藤清に私淑。
一版彫り進み型 (reductive woodblock printing) と称される特殊な制作技法を用いる。