Toko SHINODA - 篠田 桃紅 / Original

1913 - 2021
Sumi Paintings

Toko Shinoda (b.1913) has been brushing her trailblazing works for over 75 years. Born at a time when higher education for women was not a common practice, she studied calligraphy with her father and then delved into the study of Chinese and Japanese literary texts. Frequently, lines of classical and contemporary poetry make their way into her spare, abstract work. The Tolman Collection of Tokyo has represented this pioneering artist for decades, during which time her work has been acquired by museums around the globe.

Biodata 画暦篠田桃紅の軌跡/
篠田桃紅 1913年 (大正2年) 旧満州国大連に生まれ、ほどなくして東京に転居。父の指導の下、書と和漢の古典を学ぶ。書作のほか、墨象画に古今の詩歌を添わせた独特の画風を創り出す。数十年に及ぶトールマン コレクションの活動の間、作品は世界の個人、美術館などに広く蒐集されている。

Toko SHINODA - Sumi Paintings