Operating since 1972, The Tolman Collection is world renowned for its exceptional offerings of contemporary Japanese works on paper.
We are also pleased to offer ancillary services, such as framing, restoration and art consulting services.

Framing Process

Ground work

All of our frames are custom made and made by hand. We can frame anything for you (photographs, textiles etc.) but our specialty is the framing of works on paper. We excel at selecting a frame which will enhance the work of art, rather than overshadowing it.
Often gold or silver leafing is applied to a picture frame. This is done by applying gofun (pulverized seashells) to the surface of the frame, using a binder of rabbit or deer hide glue. Four or five applications are painted on to give the frame a certain substance. The preparation is left to dry for a day and then the rough edges will be evened out, either with sandpaper, or some other evening tool.

Finishing touches

When it is time to apply the metallic leaf to the frame, oil or water-based techniques are used. For oil based application, the frame is coated with gesso and the leaf is applied. In the case of water-based leaf application, the frame surface is coated with a liquid and the leaf is gently applied.


Over the course of time, frames can get damaged. Rather than reframing, repairing is an option. Sometimes due to moving, corners can get “dinged’ or chipped. We are able to get the frames back to looking as good as new, making your art shine. We do caution that there are some frames that can’t be repaired (notably the stainless steel variety of molding)

Lumber Type

The choice of wood for frames is extensive: walnut, oak, maple, teak, mahogany, cherry, cypress, ash etc. In all cases, we aim to choose the frame that fits the artwork.

Low Reflection UV-Cut Acrylic Overview

Regular vs, ultraviolet filtering glass or plexiglass
There is always the option of UV filtering glass or plexiglass to protect your artwork. In the case of large artwork, conservators will recommend plexiglass since it is lighter than glass and the artwork is then easier to hang.