Toko Shinoda Exhibition at Musée Tomo Until Sunday, August 28, 2022


Toko Shinoda

Bridge Over Fleeting Dreams

Until Sunday, August 28, 2022



Dear Tolman Collection Clients and Friends,

How many times have we heard "Time Flies" and think of that message as an apt reminder of what we should do before something that we have really been meaning to see or do runs out on us? Well guess what? …another one of those moments is upon us.  To all those persons who have meant to see Toko Shinoda’s wonderful exhibition of lithographs and original paintings at the Kikuchi Museum (right beside the Okura Hotel) I am putting in writing something I have been working on for a while.

To tempt you to change your present schedule let me tell you that of the myriad exhibitions of Miss Shinoda’s works this one is the ultimate of what cemented her reputation around the world. She lived and worked for more than nine decades as an artist. Toko’s lithographs and original paintings became a part of Japanese culture with which everyone who showed even the slightest interest in art became entranced when they arrived in Japan. I am proud to be able to say that my Tolman Collection played an important part in offering a look at her work with a portion of our gallery always devoted to displaying her work. To realize that the present exhibition may be the last one at the Musee Tomo that our gallery will have created to showcase the artist's oeuvre, allow me to say of the prints and paintings, all of which were made especially for my gallery are solid proof of her stellar position as the most outstanding Japanese female artist of her time. Toko’s work is widely shown in Tokyo everywhere: in the Conrad Tokyo, in the Foreign Correspondents Club, in the American Club, and in the homes and offices of everyone. On her passing she was praised by the New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN in addition to numerous mentions in the Japanese press because of her unique talent. Our gallery helped to showcase her work in shows in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York and throughout the United States. Musee Tomo is small and luxurious, and provides a perfect setting for her understated pieces. Both lithographs and original sumi paintings are wonderfully presented in this jewel-like setting, a visual treat you won't soon forget.

The Tolman Collection is solidly stocked with examples of Toko's lithographs and paintings. Those that are being shown in the Museum include some that are still for sale. If you think that you may not get a chance at owning one for yourself, don’t let a good opportunity pass by. You will be sure to find that those just fly away all the time.