Forgotten masterpieces


In our attempt to assist our clients who are slowly building their own collections of Japanese prints, we found that Kyoto always fascinates the foreign community who are searching for some very “Japanesey" art work that will provide depth that other collections may not include. For m ....

Everything You Wanted To Know About Us But Were Afraid To Ask


Who we are In order to keep up with the times we have found an expert to construct a new web site for The Tolman Collection. There are so many facets of our gallery and our way of doing business that we began to worry that we might have taken some things for granted that our clients have not e ....

All the (gallery) news that’s fit to print


All the (gallery) news that’s fit to print The title of this bulletin to all clients of The Tolman Collection is not an original one,  it is what the N.Y. Times says about itself, but I hope that they won’t mind if I borrow it just this time. It will help you to know where  all the members ....

announcement for Reiwa era


The Tolman Collection, Tokyo For nearly a half-century my Tolman Collection has been concerned with at first introducing and gradually teaching the foreign community in Tokyo as much about Japanese graphic art as they wish to know. Now here we are in 2019 with a new Emperor and find ourselves in ....

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